Thrive Perspectives: What About Other Religions?

Thrive Perspectives: What About Other Religions?

But what about Buddhism? Hinduism? Islam? Judaism? What about these people?

Show notes

This fortnight Matthew and DJ tackle the subject of other religions. Do all roads lead to the same God? Is God the same and we are all just calling Him different names? Aren't we all just after the same thing? They look at the views of "Inclusivism" - "Exclusivism" - "Plurilism"

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DJ Paine

DJ Paine

DJ is a podcaster, photographer and Christian Radio announcer. He would consider himself a professional Christian music geek & amateur Bible nerd. DJ was raised on the Gold Coast and studied at Word Of Life Bible College in Sydney. Devoted husband of Benita Paine and proud of their three boys: the #BrothersPaine

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