Thrive Perspectives: Our Media Diet

Thrive Perspectives: Our Media Diet

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On our fifth episode of Thrive Perspectives - Matthew Jacoby and DJ Paine cover the diet of our entertainment....

here is the actual text message Matthew sent DJ about the idea: " I want to talk about our media diet and our minds. Address entertainment addiction and how media causes mental hyperactivity and narrative dysphoria. The ethics of content too and the issue of intellectual passivity. Relevant now because I think people are now likely to be watching more TV etc than ever and it causes us to fall into a state of vegetation. I want to address this in the of the need to “be still and know God.” And the effect this has on prayer and our engagement with scripture. How does that sound?"


DJ Paine

DJ Paine

DJ is a podcaster, photographer and Christian Radio announcer. He would consider himself a professional Christian music geek & amateur Bible nerd. DJ was raised on the Gold Coast and studied at Word Of Life Bible College in Sydney. Devoted husband of Benita Paine and proud of their three boys: the #BrothersPaine

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