Thrive Perspectives: Covid-19 & Coronavirus

Thrive Perspectives: Covid-19 & Coronavirus

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This episode Matthew and DJ discuss the current situation that we all find ourselves in....

If you are feeling very overwhelmed please call {in Australia} Lifeline 131114 If you would like someone to pray with or just really need a chat, a caring conversation is a part of Careline Connections: 03 5215 9329

For the current Australian information on the Covid-19 situation:

The Australian government's latest resources:

Matthew mentions the Author: Yuval Noah Harari and his books "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus"

Matt mentions the Joaquin Phoenix Best Actor Oscar speech where he sums up the books.

DJ and Matt mention the history lesson on "The Rise of Christianity" by Rodney Stark

and lastly DJ mentions a lot of people talking about Psalm 91.... are people misquoting it? Somebody in history really misquoted it...


Matthew Jacoby

Matthew Jacoby

DJ Paine

DJ Paine

DJ is a podcaster, photographer and Christian Radio announcer. He would consider himself a professional Christian music geek & amateur Bible nerd. DJ was raised on the Gold Coast and studied at Word Of Life Bible College in Sydney. Devoted husband of Benita Paine and proud of their three boys: the #BrothersPaine

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